Privacy walls


Designed to provide maximum peace of mind to our customers, our privacy walls have several advantages compared to wood or glass fencing. The privacy wall offers the ability to completely separate an outdoor space. Made of aluminum or wood, our privacy walls are durable and easy to install.

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The advantage of our privacy walls

  • Modern and aesthetic material
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Insensitive to climatic attacks
  • High quality aluminum
  • Infinitely recyclable and limits environmental impact
  • Unrivaled durability
  • High performance (no chipping, cracking, weathering, decay or warping)
  • 2 to 3 times lighter than wood or composite
  • Better stability in the face of severe weather
Murs d'intimité
Murs d'intimité - Couleurs

Trellis Specifications for privacy walls

Trellis pour murs d'intimité - Couleurs

Stud Specifications for privacy walls

Poteaux pour murs d'intimité - Couleurs

Why choose a privacy railing?

To protect your privacy

Assembled with privacy panels, our railings preserve your privacy and keep prying eyes away. They are available for many of our straight railings and fences. Choose a privacy or semi-intimacy configuration depending on the level of separation you desire between your personal space and your neighbor while protecting your balcony or terrace from the wind.

For its SOLIDITY and EASY maintenance

Our panels have the ability to be extremely resistant to weather, aggressive agents and the wear of time. Made of PVC, they are inserted between the bars to facilitate cleaning or snow removal in winter. Thanks to their high resistance to climatic variations, they only require minimal maintenance once a year.

For its adaptation to all types of buildings

For residential buildings, condos and commercial buildings, our ramps with Intimacy panels can be used for each of these choices. Whether you want to feel more at home or you are a restaurant owner looking to preserve the tranquility of your customers on the terrace, Intimacy panels will meet all your expectations.

Rampe intimité